Best Survival Sleeping Bag

Going on a weekend in the mountains or fishing with an overnight stay, you cannot do without a tent and a sleeping bag. The richest range of sleeping bags allows you to choose a model for all seasons, protecting you from hypothermia and giving you comfortable sleep even in the field.

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Which Sleeping Bag is Better to Buy

When purchasing a sleeping bag, you need to look not only at the cost and the manufacturer’s firm, but also at a lot of other qualities that are responsible for the durability of the product and comfort during sleep.

There are different types of bags for different types of hikes and seasons of the year, because a polar sleeping bag is unlikely to come in handy in summer camping.

By type, sleeping bags are divided into blankets, cocoons or mixed bags. The first is used in a warm season for camping with an overnight stay in a tent or car – here it is possible to connect two bags together.

The latter have an anatomical shape, more bulky and voluminous, designed for cold pores. The mixed bag is a rectangular blanket with a hood.

The temperature regime is assigned after testing the model and is calculated taking into account the use of thermal underwear and socks by a sleeping person.

Usually manufacturers give several values ​​at once:

  • T, max – is rarely indicated in the description and is not decisive when buying. This is the maximum temperature (usually up to + 22 ° C) at which you can sleep in such a blanket.
  • Т, comfort – comfortable temperature, its indication on the label is required.
  • T, limit – the lower limit that allows you to sleep without losing heat, tucking your knees.
  • T, extreme – the lowest temperature at which there is no question of comfort, tremors appear in the body and the duration of sleep barely reaches 6 hours (with a risk to health and life).

For the summer, thin sleeping bags are made with one layer of filler, the lower temperature limit for which is somewhere around +5 degrees. For the off-season and winter, cocoons with goose down or triple insulation have been developed.

In extremely cold conditions, two types of sleeping bags can be used – light and warm, due to the air gap between them, the thermal insulation increases.

The type of filler is very important:

  • Synthetics (silicone, synthetic winterizer, nylon, holofiber) – retains heat, does not cause allergies, dries quickly, but after a long stay in a twisted form, it cakes and loses its shape.
  • Goose down is a natural and warmest material that is useful for climbers and in extreme cold. Products are expensive, lightweight, able to accumulate heat, but dry for a long time and are unsuitable for use in places with high humidity.

The dimensions of the bag are indicated in the marking. But when buying, you need to choose a product 20 cm longer than your height. The width is selected individually – depending on the physique of the person. The main size range: 75, 80, 90 and 95 cm.

A special liner will ensure the purity of the sleeping bag. It can be made of fleece, cotton or microfiber. A compression bag comes in handy for carrying and compact storage. Taped seams, lapels along the lock, and a pull-together hood will help prevent heat loss.

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Staying in nature with an overnight stay requires the main element for a comfortable sleep – a reliable sleeping bag. A high-quality product will protect you from temperature extremes, wind blowing and moisture penetration. How to choose the right sleeping bag so that in the morning you do not remember the night with horror, but feel rested and healthy? Let’s figure it out in more detail.
Note: here you can watch a video on how to choose a sleeping bag for hiking.

The best sleeping bag manufacturers – which company to choose
The tourist equipment market is constantly replenished with new developments in the field of production of universal and specialized sleeping bags. The huge variety makes the choice difficult. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the most popular companies, whose products are highly appreciated by travelers.

These include:

The Structure and Technological Aspects of Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are cross-quilted bags for sleeping in the field. Fastened with a long front or side zipper.

Regardless of their shape, their design always involves three main layers:

  • outdoor;
  • average;
  • internal.

The materials used for the topcoat must be able to withstand heavy use. Most often these are durable fabrics with good breathability and moisture resistance. The latter is especially true for down products.

These characteristics are possessed by nylon, polyester. The first is more flexible and the second is denser to the touch. Hard-to-blow rip-stop coatings (Pertex, Ultrex) prevent outer surface tearing.

A layer of filler is needed to keep the heat inside. Usually, synthetic fibers and fluff are used for these purposes. Artificial insulation is most widespread due to its ability to dry quickly in high humidity. Natural fluff has worked well in dry high altitude conditions.

For the inner lining, hypoallergenic fabrics are selected that are easily breathable. The normal heat exchange of the human body depends on this, which means healthy sleep. A sturdy sewn-on tape is provided to protect against biting of the fabric when closing the zipper.

A branded sleeping bag is usually equipped with an additional collar with a layer of insulation. The elastic band allows you to pull it off if necessary so that the heat does not escape to the outside. It has a secret pocket for storing your phone or documents. Fastens with durable Velcro.

The most common insulation materials include:

  • thermolight;
  • holofiber;
  • primaloft;
  • fluff.

Thermolight koala is a synthetic material consisting of seven-channel porous fibers. Due to their ability to absorb air, they create a kind of multi-layer pillow with good ventilation. It is one of the most common fillings in the Czech tourism industry.

Holofiber – a springy structure, hypoallergenic material with an excellent ability to recover after folding. Heat treatment with silicone increases its ability to resist wetting. It loses in lightness to the previous type of insulation, but has a lower price.

Primaloft is close to natural down in terms of thermal insulation properties. At the same time, it does not lose its properties in damp conditions. The uniqueness of its design is provided by the combination of ultra-thin hollow fibers with the same, but with a larger diameter. It is often used in extreme conditions and is expensive.

Down (goose) is one of the most expensive fillers. It has the best compression and heat storage performance. Sleeping bags based on it weigh up to 400 g, almost do not take up space in a backpack and keep you warm in severe frosts. But, despite the hydrophobic treatment, it absorbs moisture too much and is difficult to dry when traveling.

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Types of Sleeping Bags

The Forms of Sleeping Bags

There are the following forms of sleeping bags:


Cocoons got their name from the configuration that repeats the silhouette of the human body. They are narrowed downwards (usually 50-55 cm) and widen at the top (up to 100 cm).

  • maximum reduction of time for warming up;
  • elimination of heat loss;
  • savings in weight (from 400 g to 2 kg) due to the small amount of material and filler;
  • reduction in folded dimensions;
  • close placement limits movement during sleep;
  • not suitable for large people with a lot of weight;
  • usually the zipper opens to the feet.


Blankets are of equal width at the headboard and legs (80-100 cm). Any person can fit in such a bag and can completely relax during the hours of rest. Models with opposite zippers zip together. From two sleeping bags, one is wide. This makes sleeping warmer in extreme conditions.

  • optimal comfort with sufficient dimensions;
  • larger interior space;
  • the ability to roll over on its side if desired;
  • a long zip opens the bag completely, converting it into a full-fledged blanket.
  • always more weight at the same temperature ranges (sometimes up to 3 kg);
  • bulky folded volume;
  • the main purpose is summer and off-season.

Most often, the sleeping bag has a hood to protect the head from the cold and wind. Its absence in some blankets indicates exclusively the summer use of such models.

Seasonal Varieties

Branded sleeping bags are always marked with the parameters of comfort, extreme and the highest temperature. These figures help to find out in what conditions the rest in a particular model is most acceptable.

  • Differentiate products:
  • summer (from + 12 ° to 0 °);
  • off-season (from 0 ° to – 6 °);
  • winter (from – 6 ° to – 15 °);
  • extreme (from – 15 ° to – 40 °).

Extreme marks indicate the possibility of being in a sleeping bag with these indicators (in clothes) for no more than 6 hours.

Exceeding the limit threatens with hypothermia and colds later. The warmest markers are relative and not significant.

Sleeping Bag Selection Options

Studying the models in the store before buying, you need to rely in your choice on the main characteristics:

  • cut of the bag;
  • type of filler;
  • comfort temperature;
  • weight and dimensions.

In addition to the main points, it is worth considering the subtleties that distinguish branded products from dubious ones. A quality sleeping bag necessarily has stripes with markings inside. Confirmation of the figures is the certification of the product, which should be requested for review.

A layer of insulation should be felt at the seams. Otherwise, these zones will be easily blown by the wind, the cold will cool. The open sleeping bag fluffs up within an hour, taking in air. The exception is models designed for warm seasons with minimal filling.

Strong tie cords, fittings, strong zipper are indicators of good quality. Most of the well-known manufacturers use Japanese YKK elements. The presence of a safety tape along the entire length of the fastener, a loop for drying at the bottom – all this also serves as a proof of compliance with the standards and a decent level of production.

The complete set is complemented by a solid compression cover. The tie straps on it will help to shrink the bag almost in half if necessary. However, it is not recommended to store the product in this form, so that the filler does not cake.

If, upon examination, defects are noticeable (crooked seams, knock-out insulation, hanging threads, arrows on the fabric), then you should not stop choosing this option. Endless repairs will turn the journey into excruciating torture.

Which Sleeping Bag to Choose

There are no universal sleeping bags that will be equally good in different environmental conditions. It should be remembered that a sleeping bag of unknown manufacture may not be warm enough, despite assurances to the contrary. By giving preference to reliable brands, a tourist (especially an inexperienced one) will protect himself from many troubles.

Going to conquer the snowy peaks, you will have to take into account every gram behind your shoulders. It is wiser to purchase an expensive downy attribute for sleep in order to return home without a cold.

For hiking and camping, models with synthetic insulation are suitable. Their option is selected based on the weather conditions of a particular season. It is pleasant to relax in a spacious blanket, especially if in the morning there are no urgent preparations and transitions to a new parking point. People who are allergic to synthetics should choose sleeping bags with inner linings made from natural fabrics.

Spending the night by the water after a noble fishing will seem cozy in a wide warm blanket with a hood. Heavy weight is not a problem if the movement is carried out by car. And a long hike will not seem tiring if you can wrap yourself up after a long journey in a sleeping bag-cocoon, tightly fitting the body, protecting it from the cold air.

On long-term expeditions it is more convenient to use cocoons for sleeping. Their optimal weight and moderate dimensions will allow you to save space in your backpack. The synthetic insulator will not absorb excess moisture and will dry quickly during your stay in the camp.

For a child, a child’s product is suitable, designed for his height, with additional layers of insulation in the legs or back. The hardware specially adapted for a teenage hand makes it easier to operate, and pleasant bonuses in the form of lights, small flashlights will add a bit of adventure when traveling with adults.

Sleep on a hot summer night will be cozy at home in a very light duvet with a fleece lining without a hood. If it becomes completely stuffy, you can unfasten it, throw it over the body, protecting yourself from blood-sucking insects.

TOP 12 Sleeping Bags for Camping

When traveling by car or hiking in the summer, bring a lightweight camping sleeping bag. These models can be in the form of a blanket or mixed format.

If you fasten two of these sleeping bags to each other, you get a convenient bag for a couple. In the evening, you can stay around the fire covered with a sleeping bag, like a blanket.
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#1 Nova Tour Karelia-5 XXL

The company presented a sleeping bag for real heroes 2 m tall and above – its length is 245 cm and width is 95.

When you combine two similar products, you get a warm and cozy “bed” 190 cm wide, suitable for three adults or a family with a child.

The sleeping bag is insulated with an artificial filler – thermofiber with siliconizing fibers. It practically does not absorb moisture, dries quickly and does not deform after washing. The soft lining is pleasant to the body, absorbs moisture well and retains warmth.

The “Warm seam” technology provides reliability and complete impermeability to cold. A headrest and a compression storage bag add comfort. Comfort temperature +10 0С, lower limit (Т, extreme) -5 0С. Sleeping bag weight 2.5 kg.

  • Quality materials;
  • Soft lining;
  • Possibility of attaching two similar models;
  • No through seams;
  • Reinforced zipper with a toggle lock against spontaneous opening;
  • Thick storage pouch.
  • Only hand wash at temperatures up to 40 degrees;
  • Do not dry upright.

The spacious sleeping bag Karelia-5 is designed for use from spring to autumn. It is ideal for summer cottages, fishing and hiking. Thanks to the toggle closure, the zipper can be zipped on the outside and inside of the bag.

#2 Trek Planet Comfy 70364-R

A hybrid of a blanket and a cocoon will come in handy in the autumn-spring period, when frost breaks through. Fully unbuttoned, the bag turns into a warm duvet with a deep hood.

A seven-channel holofiber 7H 2×190 g / m2 was used as a heater, the outer fabric is polyester with water-repellent impregnation, and the inside is soft Pongee.

Along the zipper there is a protective thermal valve that prevents blowing out, and a device against the dog’s jamming. Sleeping bag size 225×85 cm, weight – 2.3 kg. Comfort temperature -2 degrees, limit and extreme -10 and -21 ° С, respectively.

  • Water-repellent material;
  • High-quality insulation that does not cake;
  • Two uses – a blanket and a sleeping bag;
  • Deep hood;
  • Protection against seizing lightning and a valve against cold penetration;
  • Internal pocket;
  • Compression cover;
  • Zipper with two locks – on the inside and outside.
  • The hood gets in the way when used as a blanket;
  • Not suitable for summer.

Water-repellent impregnation will make the sleeping bag a reliable shelter in rain or fog, and the insulation will not freeze. It is quite hot in the bag in summer, but you can sleep with a buttoned up halfway down.

#3 Nordisk Almond Junior +10

The baby sleeping bag is shaped like a rectangular blanket and can be used as a picnic mat. Inside there is a pocket for storing things.

The lining is made of flannel and cotton – soft and pleasant to the body. The outer side is also made of natural cotton, and synthetic filler Norguard S-PO85 is used as insulation.

The product can be zipped with a similar sleeping bag, creating a spacious bed for two children. Bag size – 150×70 cm, weight 1.57 kg. Comfort temperature for this model is from -2 to +4 0С.

  • Can be used as a sleeping bag and rug;
  • Natural hypoallergenic fabrics;
  • Internal pocket for personal belongings with magnetic closure;
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Absorbs moisture;
  • Gets dirty quickly.

A great option for families with children. And when the child grows up, the sleeping bag can be used as a blanket for a picnic or outdoor play. The only negative is that the fabric gets dirty quickly and absorbs moisture.

#4 Bestway 67418 BW

It is recommended to use a blanket bag from spring to the first autumn frosts. Its four-layer structure can withstand temperatures up to +4 degrees and provides a comfortable sleep.

The outer and inner material is polyester, and a holofiber 200 g / m2 is taken as a heater. The set includes a pillow that can be fastened to the sleeping bag and a storage case.

A fully unbuttoned bag replaces a warm blanket or cozy blanket. The fabric does not allow moisture to pass through and does not release heat. Model size 191×84 cm, weight 2.1 kg.

  • Long-lasting, water-repellent materials;
  • Complete with pillow and storage cover;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Bright design and well thought-out construction;
  • Affordable cost.
  • There is no anti-seize tape on the zipper.

A warm and cozy sleeping bag will come in handy on vacation as a blanket and a place to sleep. Four layers of filler prevent the cold from penetrating inside, but the recommended temperature here is still set at +4 degrees – this sleeping bag is not suitable for frost.

Best Sleeping Bags for Trekking

For hiking and climbing the mountains, you will need a more solid sleeping bag, with a thick filler and in the shape of a cocoon. In such a heat it stays longer – even frosts down to -10 ° C are not afraid of it.

#5 Marmot Wm’s 22970 Trestles Elite Eco 20

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The model uses a synthetic filler HL-ElixR ECO, consisting of a mixture of three fibers, ensuring maximum heat retention. The sleeping bag has an anatomical shape, which increases comfort. There is legroom.

The double zipper has a bite protection and a cold tape. Additional comfort is provided by an anatomical hood with 3D construction and two types of drawstrings – flat and round.

For drying, the sleeping bag is equipped with two hanging loops in a vertical position. The outer and inner parts are made of nylon. There is a storage pouch. Comfort temperature -7 0C, lower -13 0C. The size of the bag is 190×73 cm, while it weighs only 1 kg.

  • High-quality insulation that can be used in humid climates;
  • Anatomical shape of the sleeping bag and hood;
  • Double insulated anti-bite zipper;
  • Internal pocket;
  • Minimum weight;
  • The model has been tested according to European standards.
  • When stored for a long time in a curled form, the filler cakes.

The sleeping bag will withstand not only spring cold snaps, but also frosts down to -13 degrees (and its temperature limit is -33 0С). Although for extreme cold weather it is worth looking for warmer bags.

#6 Sivera Allar 2.0 / 215 Gargoyle

You can save space in a couple’s backpack with a double sleeping bag. It is insulated with Smart Down 800 goose down and is one of the lightest (1 kg with dimensions 215×210 cm).

The model is good in autumn and spring, but can also be used in warm winters. The comfort temperature for her is stated at -4 ° C.

The limit and extreme have not been set, since the sleeping bag has not been tested for the standard due to the peculiarities of its design.

There are independent zippers on the sides of the product, and the hood and collar are individually adjustable to ensure comfort for both sleepers. The minimum weight was achieved not only thanks to the ultra-light filling, but also the fluffy A’ris 10 fabric.

  • Low weight;
  • Anatomical shape;
  • Natural goose down;
  • Long-lasting fabric;
  • Through seams;
  • Two independent zippers;
  • Two internal pockets;
  • Warm hood with volume fixation.
  • There are difficulties in washing.

Despite the high level of thermal insulation, the bag is capricious when washing. You cannot add bleaches and softeners to the water, heat it above 30 degrees, and dry cleaning is generally contraindicated.

A significant advantage of the bag is its natural material – goose down, which accumulates heat and does not cake.

#7 Deuter Exosphere -8 L silver-anthracite

Thanks to the unusual elastic structure of the fabric, this bag stretches in all directions, thereby ensuring comfort during sleep. The same ability guarantees maximum compression of the product and its tight fit to the body, increasing the rate of rewarming.

Filling – Termo Proloft synthetics (1400 g), outer and inner fabric – polyester. The leg area is additionally insulated and has a specific shape for the natural position of the feet. Here, as well as in the head area, “dry zones” are provided, protected from moisture by a water-repellent layer of fabric.

The size of the bag is 205×68-85 cm, the weight is almost 2 kg – this model will suit people with a height of about 180 cm. It is possible to connect two similar models. Comfort temperature -2 0С, lower threshold -8 degrees, 26 0С.

  • Anatomical shape;
  • Elastic seams;
  • Additional volume;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • Dry areas;
  • Two-way zipper;
  • Insulated collar.
  • A rather big price.

The model is designed for 4 seasons and climbing the mountains, but with a lower comfort temperature of -8 degrees, you should not risk it. Better to get a warmer sleeping bag for the winter.

#8 Freetime OWL 300

Freetime is a duvet-style sleeping bag with a durable polyester hood. A comfortable sleep in it is possible at a temperature of -2 0C, extreme conditions -19 degrees.

Holofiber is used as insulation, and the main fabric is polyester. Inside there is a pocket for small items, on the outside there are 2 hanging loops.

  • Spacious and comfortable to operate;
  • The hood protects from cold and moisture;
  • Transformation into a wide blanket – just unbutton 2 loops;
  • Durable material;
  • Lightweight synthetic filling.
  • The temperature regime is slightly overestimated.

The model is suitable for hiking short distances in the off-season. But in case of frosts below 5 degrees, it is uncomfortable to be in a sleeping bag and there is a risk of catching a cold.

#9 Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800 F

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The Backcountry Bed has an unusual shape for a sleeping bag – in the form of a cocoon with a large front opening, which is covered with a warm blanket.

The product has no zippers or fasteners at all! The unique shape of this sleeping bag allows you to sleep in any position, on your back, stomach or on your side.

The nylon bag is filled with moisture-repellent duck down. There is a ventilation compartment for adjusting the temperature in the leg area. The length of the sleeping bag is 218 cm. The comfort temperature is -1 ° C, the limit is at the level of -7 ° C.

  • Unique shape that does not restrict movement;
  • No zippers or fasteners;
  • Natural moisture resistant filler;
  • The front opening is adjustable in width;
  • There are holes for hands in the corners of the blanket;
  • Compression sleeve and mesh bag included.
  • It is inconvenient to get into the bag;
  • No drawstring on the hood.

The three-season sleeping bag is suitable for people with a height of up to 185 cm. The model is designed for low temperatures, especially since the top of the blanket is not fixed in any way.

Best Expedition Sleeping Bags

At the top of a mountain or glacier, you need a technologically advanced and highly thought-out sleeping bag. At low temperatures, through winds and icing, you need to take care of your comfort and your health. All models for extreme conditions are made in the form of a cocoon.

#10 Alexika Platinum Alpha 1+2

For very cold conditions, Alexika offers a combined sleeping bag consisting of two cocoons: off-season and winter.

The design feature is that the products are easily separated from each other and can be used solo. Both bags are quite spacious, wide and comfortable, and in the duet they represent a very warm and impenetrable “bunker”.

The ergonomically shaped hood draws tight and locks in place, and the laces are hidden in a special pocket. It has a cushioned compartment, a warm collar, a flap along with the zip and a bite guard.

The YKK zipper allows you to instantly release and get out of the bag. The filler is Primaloft SB synthetic, the outer fabric is nylon and the inner fabric is polyester. The size of the sleeping bag is 100x235x70 cm.

  • Combined fit;
  • Possibility of using two sleeping bags;
  • Anatomical shape;
  • Warm collar;
  • Two anti-bite strips – inside and outside;
  • Pocket for small items;
  • Mesh bag and compression cover.
  • High price.

Going to the mountains, you do not need to look for sleeping bags for different levels of climbing – just buy such a 2-in-1 combo bag. The components can be used separately as the air temperature rises and falls.

The first is useful at 0 … -5 0С, the second at -1 … -7 0С. In tandem, they will help withstand a cold snap down to -18 0С, and in extreme conditions up to -360С.

#11 Terra Incognita Winter

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For cold weather, the “Winter” model from the Terra manufacturer is useful. There are no through seams in the sleeping bag – even the zipper is closed by two protective tapes inside and out.

The bag is equipped with a Thermo Reflect membrane, which does not release heat to the outside. Insulation – two-layer synthetic Hollow Core, main fabric – polyester.

The hood can be easily pulled together and fixed, and there is a warming collar in the neck area. Thanks to the front zip, you can get out of the bag in a matter of seconds. Inside there is a pocket for documents and personal belongings. Sleeping bag size 227×87 cm, weight – 2.54 kg.

  • Lack of “cold” seams;
  • Thermal membrane with aluminum spraying for heat preservation;
  • Frontal zipper with two locks;
  • Protection against pinching the fabric;
  • Anatomically shaped hood;
  • Insulated collar;
  • Two pockets – an internal one for things and an external one for a cover.
  • When folded, it is quite voluminous and takes up almost half of the backpack.

The comfort temperature for this sleeping bag is -10 degrees, but it will also come in handy in harsh conditions at -25 ° C. A compression cover is provided for transportation, although even it is not able to squeeze the bag strongly.

#12 Kelty Cosmic 0 Regular

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One of the best down sleeping bags from this company. High-quality 600 FP DriDown down is used as insulation, which is waterproof and dries even in cold weather. Sleeping bag length 183 cm, weight almost 2 kg.

The hood and collar are insulated, the quilted construction heats up faster and stays warm for longer. The outer and inner sides of the durable polyester bag promise durability and easy cleaning, while the water-repellent properties of the material keep you dry.

  • Natural down with moisture repellent ability;
  • Durable material;
  • Zipper with two sliders and a full set of protection;
  • Insulated hood and collar;
  • Quilted construction;
  • Lower leg room.
  • Marking colors.

The model warms up even in cold weather at -16 ° C – this is the lowest comfortable temperature. The sleeping bag is suitable for people up to 180 cm tall.

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